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Yull is the creation of Sarah Watkinson-Yull, who established the brand in 2011 while studying in London. Despite being told it was too expensive to produce quality women’s footwear in the UK, Sarah persevered and now her shoes have been showcased at London Fashion Week and are exported all over the world.

Each pair of Yull shoes comes with a Union Flag printed on the sole, to remind you of the craftsmanship and skill that has gone into each pair.

The leather for each Yull shoe is sourced from wholesalers in London and Northampton, while the wool is sourced from Yorkshire. The uppers are carved by craftsmen who then go on to hand-last them, giving each shoe it’s distinctive shape and form. By completing each step by hand, Yull’s quality control ensures a long-lasting and beautiful product.

All of the leather used in making Yull shoes are a by-product of the meat industry, reducing unnecessary waste.

Yull shoes are manufactured in East London, before being sent to their recently opened London showroom where they are packaged by hand. Sarah is enthusiastic about manufacturing in the UK, which is why she is keen to source and assemble locally. The result is creative, quality footwear that is sure to standout, whatever the occasion.

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