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Robert Pringle established Pringle of Scotland in the Scottish Borders in 1815. Famous for using quality materials and innovative design, Pringle spearheaded the twinset for women, which was worn by actresses such as Grace Kelly. Pringle continued to influence fashion with it’s distinctive Argyle knit through the 20th Century, and continues to contribute as a worldwide fashion house to this day.

Pringle of Scotland was awarded the royal warrant as ‘manufacturers of knitted garments’ in 1956.

Pringle is venerated for pioneering it’s Argyle intarsia knit, a complex inset knitting pattern first worn in the 1920’s and later made famous by golfers like Nick Faldo in the 1990’s.

Now famous for knitwear, Pringle of Scotland started out by manufacturing hosiery and underwear.

Pringle of Scotland is headquartered in Hawick, Scotland. Taken over by the Fang family in the early 21st Century, Pringle stays close to it’s heritage and continues to produce some of it’s collection in the Scottish Borders.

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