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Mackintosh traces it’s roots back to 1823, when Charles Macintosh patented his rubberised fabric to become the first waterproof raincoat. The Mackintosh style proved so popular that it’s very name came to define a genre. Over time, Mackintosh has evolved to develop contemporary styles and designs, while the iconic mac remains at the heart of their collection.

Mackintosh coats were provided for soldiers in World War 1 and 2, and were even once standard issue for British Rail train guards.

Much of the outerwear still relies of the rubberised technology that was patented by it’s inventor back in the 1820s, proving that classic style coupled with useful features never goes out of fashion. By layering rubber between two pieces of fabric, Mackintosh are able to create a completely waterproof raincoat perfect for winter.

The rubber that makes Mackintosh coats waterproof derives from tar, which was first invented by the Aztecs.

The Mackintosh factory is based in Cumbernauld, Scotland, not far from it’s founder. Employing 120 staff, Mackintosh produce 125,000 handmade macs a year. To ensure the continuity of craftsmanship in the fact, apprenticeships are offered. Because of the level of skill needed, each apprentice must study for three years.

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