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Five years after the end of World War II, Gloverall founders Harold and Freda were offered a large surplus of military duffle coats. The coats sold at record speed, and inspired Gloverall to manufacture their own duffle coats. Gloverall have since expanded to produce quality casual outerwear which is exported all over the world.

Gloverall duffle coats proved so popular that they have been copied by manufacturers around the world. For the original, however, there is only one Gloverall!

Since their humble beginnings making duffle coats, Gloverall have expanded their range to include a number of iconic coats such as reefers and car coats. Over the years, Gloverall has kept up with trends by updating classic designs for more contemporary tastes.

In 1980, Gloverall designed and made the duffle coats for the British Olympic team at the Winter Olympics in Canada.

As Gloverall products become popular in 1960 they expanded into a custom built factory in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, where they still manufacture today. The brand relies on expert craftsmen to create their beautiful and durable designs. The team are proud of their heritage, with some having worked at the factory for 40 years, entrusted to keep the quality is as consistent as the day Harold and Freda received their surplus coats.

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