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Fibre and Hide was established in 2013, shortly after founder Geri Copsey graduated from Falmouth University. Having studied textile design, specialising in weave, she saw a gap in the market for hand woven accessories made in the UK. She bought a handloom after after great feedback from friends and family, decided to go into production.

Geri had a passion for handbags from a young age, so it felt only natural that her education would lead her to produce beautiful, unique accessories.

All Fibre and Hide bags are designed and handmade by Geri in her studio. She is deeply passionate about local industry, and sources her yarns from a company based just 5 miles away from her Yorkshire home. She also incorporates cowhide into her products, hence the brand name. To construct each garment, Geri skillfully uses a mix of hand-loom and sewing machine.

To create her unique woven designs, Geri must set a series of wooden levers in sequence to create the pattern you see on the fabric. This technique has been in use since the 13th century.

Geri’s studio is based in the stunning rolling hills of Yorkshire. She is perfectly set up to create beautiful woven products, as Yorkshire is home to some of the world’s oldest textile factories.

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