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5 Reasons To Love John Smedley | 50% Summer Sale Now On!

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There are few British brands that command such respect among their peers as John Smedley. Manufacturing fine knitwear for over 230 years is a feat, but to do so from the same factory is an astonishing testament to the Smedley family's attitude to quality, innovation and style.

With the summer sale now on, we want to share exactly why John Smedley is worth investing in.

Quality Materials

Whether using Sea Island cotton, extra fine Merino wool or soft Cashmere, all John Smedley garments are constructed from the the finest sourced material processed in the best way. 

Merino fibres are so fine and light that it can be worn year round. In the cold, Merino retains heat to keep the wearer warm, while it remains completely breathable in warm weather with no clammy feeling.

True Craftsmanship

Every garment goes through a number of processes undertaken by subject matter experts before it's ready to wear. From seamstresses to knitting machine operators, ending with the examiner and packaging specialists, each employee has devoted many years to honing their craft.

To ensure a continued supply of excellent craftspeople, the John Smedley factory offers in-house apprenticeships, keeping century-old techniques alive.

Beautiful, Bold Colours

Each season, John Smedley carefully curate a range of beautiful, deep colours across their collection. Alongside distinctive bright shades of yellow and pink, Smedley offers a selection of unique hues which stand out from the rest.

What's more, because of the excellent manufacturing standards and quality materials, the colour stays in a John Smedley garment for years and years.

Cutting Edge Technology

Since their inception in 1784, John Smedley have been at the edge of technological innovation. As one of the first factories to install a fully fashioned knitting machine in the 19th century and Japanese flatbeds in the '90s, they were able to innovate fully made garments in a quicker and more cost-effective manner, reducing waste and improving consistency.

British Heritage

At 234 year's old, John Smedley still manufacture in the world's oldest factory. Based in Lea Mills, Derbyshire, the factory has a long lineage of local families who have worked for John Smedley for generations.

As a testament to the sheer quality and luxury of the John Smedley brand, their received the Royal Warrant in 2013 for providing the 'place and quality of manufacturer of fine knitwear.’

Why not add some John Smedley to your wardrobe today?

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