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Transition Season: What To Wear For Men

Posted by Ben Bailey on

Dreaded 'transition' seasons, where we don't know whether we will be waking up to bright sunshine or torrential rain. In the UK at least, our unpredictable weather system means we find ourselves in transition more often than not.

Fortunately for the stylish amongst us, British brands have it covered. So next time you leave the house worrying whether you're going to overheat on the train, have a think about adding some of these all-weather pieces to your wardrobe.

Forget everything you thought you knew about wool, because John Smedley manage to achieve something phenomenal with their ultrafine, 30-gauge merino Payton Polo. Not only is it soft on the skin, it is also breathable meaning you'll stay cool in hot places, but get the benefit of warmth when you need it.
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The SB 2.0 Ventile coat from Private White VC is a personal favourite of ours, and for good reason. The unique Ventile finish is pure magic, the coat is lightweight and airy on mild and dry days, but becomes completely water repellent when wet. Seeing really is believing with this fantastic all weather winter coat. Oh, and did we mention the seams are lined with copper, for extra waterproofing?
Available at Studio British for £650 - Buy now

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