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Private White VC Mac | Product Review

Posted by Ben Bailey on

Living in England, you can be sure of a few things; the national football team will let you down, John Lewis will produce a tear jerking Christmas ad, and there will be plenty of downpours during the winter months and probably the rest of the year for that matter. For this reason, there are plenty of excellent British manufacturers of outerwear, including Mackintosh, Gloverall and the Duffle Coat Company to name a few.

But when dressing for winter, you can’t always rely on it being cold enough to warrant a chunky coat. So this year I went in search of a lightweight mac that would keep me dry in the rain but stay cool enough for the mild weather, and claustrophobic London commute!

About Private White VC

For those of you who don’t know, Private Jack White was in fact a real person. He did us a great honour by volunteering in the First World War and quickly went on to win a Victorian Cross (VC) fighting in Gallipoli at the mere age of 18. After which he returned home to Manchester to eventually own the 90-year old Cooper & Stollbrand factory, now run partly by his great grandson James Eden and mostly by Nick Ashley, son of Laura Ashley (yes the home department stores you see up and down the country). One thing you need to know is that Private White’s clothes are made to last and made to serve. They’re famous for their Harris Tweed, shearling-collar peacoat and the great Lowry reversible mac made out of Ventile.

Mac Design

As with all of their clothing, Private White’s design is understated and classic. The kind of coat I could envisage pulling out of my wardrobe ten winters from now. The design is impeccable and made with finest quality Cotton Ventile. What I love about it most is that it’s fully water and windproof meaning it suits our confusing weather perfectly. Check me out in Berlin all snug...

Mac Quality

It’s easy to dismiss this as a marketing fad, so I was eager to try it out. The zip and buttons are noticeable for their durability, Private White claims and I couldn’t agree more.

For me I like coats that are functional meaning pockets in the right places but not too visible or too large to take away from the fit. This mac has two internal good-sized pockets which are perfect for essentials and the best part… It’s smart and it’s casual, ideal for most occasions.

After all, it's the details and quality of a garment that ultimately help you to decide whether it's worth the money and for me, it definitely is!

Private White VC - SB Unlined MAC 2.0 Navy Ventile - £650 from

Coming soon to Studio British.

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