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Daydreaming | Studio Diaries - Issue 1

Posted by Anabel Calvo on

It’s an exciting year for Ben and I. We’re about to embark upon a journey, probably our most difficult yet to build something British, something long-lasting and above all that, something great. I have a fire in my belly right now and find myself daydreaming often in between trying to build this business which is in no way an easy ride. In fact, they should have labelled entrepreneurship with a warning - ‘don’t try this alone!’ But it’s the dream that one day this might actually be something that keeps us going, keeps us excited and smiling all day.

We’re at a point right now where we’ve spoken to so many people but still have so much to find out. It’s daunting but one thing I’ve realised over the last few months is that our incredible idea has to start somewhere. We aren’t going to launch a multi-million pound business overnight. You’ll get to know me and I love a saying. What is it again? Rome wasn’t built in a day…

It’s true though, we aren’t going to be swimming in cash any time soon but I’ll tell you something, we are going to be putting blood, sweat and tears into this. We have to start somewhere with something and build from that point onward so that’s exactly what we are going to do. Simple as that!

Our blog starts with us and will end with what we hope will be a game-changer in the fashion industry today, Studio British. The home of quality, timeless and staple British-made fashion, encompassing the best of British brands and up-and-coming designers.

For now it’s just me and Ben and you’ll be hearing from us as we go. Shopping British really has a lot to offer, even I’m incredibly surprised with the amazing craftsmanship we have right on our doorstep. So keep us in the loop with your British-made purchases, we can’t wait to see them!

As for what’s next, you’ll have to stay tuned. We have a long but very exciting journey ahead of us but one thing we’re eager to share is our story. Sink or swim, we want our friends to know what it’s like to start from the beginning, and I mean from the real hard beginning.

With love,


Co-Founder, Studio British

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