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Best of British Brands | Studio Diaries - Issue 2

Posted by Anabel Calvo on

Welcome back! Since my last post we’ve made headway and I’m genuinely proud of where we’ve got to since we’ve had the idea just last quarter.

We’ve pitched our idea to a number of established and up and coming British designers namely Yull, Grace Gordon, The Reach London, Fibre & Hide and Isabella Queen all of whom have decided to work with us from the outset and be our early adopters. Let’s pause here for a second, I’m actually still surprised how sincere our designers have been, so open and honest about their struggles and challenges they’ve faced not to mention forthcoming with their advice and support. This is and will continue to be a steep learning curve and whilst it’s hard and stressful, it’s so unbelievably rewarding when you come across people (and there will be plenty of people) who genuinely have a passion for our idea like we do.

Back to our designers, we’re actually really lucky to be working with some incredibly talented people so early on in the game. We’ve just closed out our first photo shoot which was an absolute stellar day! It’s funny, I’m originally a technology consultant and now I’m running around organising photoshoots - really crazy how things change so quickly.

What we love about Studio is that we will have all brands under one roof. Yull sitting alongside Joseph Cheaney, Isabella Queen sitting next to Mulberry and the best thing about it all is that we share one common passion, our passion for British manufacturing and the quality craftsmanship we house right here on the Isles. It’s undeniable that there’s growth potential here, communities are evolving again and with brand new skill-sets and dynamics that are fulfilling both the high street and luxury sectors. So here’s to 2017, a year in the making of Studio British, a new e-tailor to hit your screens. Chances are you’ll be shopping Studio in no time!

So what’s next? We’ve got some exciting names we’ll be meeting during London Fashion Week later this month to kick-start our Studio heritage line, a line encompassing the best of British craftsmanship. Labels you’ve all heard of and bought from before no doubt! Watch this space for more updates - there’s gonna be some interesting stories to share in the coming weeks.

With love,


Co-Founder, Studio British

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