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5 Reasons To Buy British Fashion

Posted by Timothy Green on

Here at Studio British, we stand for celebrating amazing craftspeople who make fantastic clothing. However, the harsh truth is that the fashion industry is in a bad state. In 2016, Brits threw 300,000 tonnes of clothing into landfill. Our reliance on cheap, disposable fashion is causing human suffering and ecological harm, some of which may be irreversible.
While it may not be easy to swallow that our buying habits are causing such harm to the world, we are pleased to see there are progressive manufacturers out there. British fashion, with it’s ethical stance on manufacturing, gives us all a viable alternative to fast-fashion. Today, we want to share with you just some of the reasons why buying British is not just good for you, but for the world around you:
1. Happy Workers, Paid Well
It's a sad fact that the vast majority of clothing is made in sweatshops with appalling conditions for the workers. It should come as no surprise that a £5 pair of jeans leaves little room for a good salary for the person that has made your clothing.
British manufactured clothing is more expensive, simply because the clothing is of a better quality and the staff are being paid a fair living wage. When visiting factories like John Smedley in Derbyshire, you can see the
What's more, investing in British goods helps to keep factories open and people in work across the country. 
The ladies at Private White V.C's cutting room.
2. Handcrafted by experts
Ever wonder why there is such size and quality discrepancy on the high street? Low paid workers don't have much incentive to hone their craft and are pushed to make an unreasonably high number of items per hour, compromising quality.
Visit the factories in Britain's rolling hills and you'll find committed craftspeople, who have spent years learning how to improve their skills. John Smedley even run an apprenticeship in their factory, to ensure new recruits are added to compliment the highly-skilled workforce.
John Smedley runs apprenticeships in their factory.
3. Superior Materials
The pressure to produce clothing at rock bottom prices to meet consumer demands means cutting corners in all ways possible for fast-fashion manufacturers. One of the easiest places to cut costs is to source cheap material, which is poorly made and contributes to a lower quality garment.
Our British brands proudly seek out the absolute best materials from across the world. The net result is a garment that not only looks much better in the flesh, but retains it's shape and feel, meaning you can enjoy wearing it time after time. 
Genevieve Sweeney hand sourcing her Alpaca fur.
4. Reducing Waste
High street fashion is made to be worn just a handful of times. It takes around 1,800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton to make a pair of jeans. The strain on the planet to meet consumer's demand for throwaway clothing is immense, and continues to grow.
British manufacturer's approach to quality garments is to make long-lasting clothing from better materials, constructed in a more rugged fashion. That means you might pay a little more for a British-made pair of shoes, but looked after properly, they will last you a lifetime. 
A pair of Trickers shoes will last you a lifetime.
5. Pay for Quality, Not Brand names
Do you ever wonder why clothing from Balenciaga or or Gucci costs so much? While most of these brands do use better materials than the high street, they artificially inflate the price of their products to cover their extortionate marketing budgets.
In reality, there is no difference between the quality of a haute couture piece and something from the likes of John Smedley. You're just getting a lot more bang for your buck if you buy British.
Private White V.C. recently decided to become transparent about how their pricing works. With a Private White V.C. item, you'll receive something of equal quality, but instead of paying a 5x markup, they ask for a much more reasonable 2x. Sounds like a deal to us.
Private White V.C. has a transparent pricing policy, offering quality for less.
Have we convinced you of the benefits of British fashion? Take a look at our men's summer sale, with up to 50% off amazing brands such as John Smedley and Private White V.C.

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